7th & 8th graders practice creative writing during National Novel Writing Month


MADISON, Ala. — This month the most interesting stories within the walls of Discovery Middle School in Madison are being written by the students themselves.

The students in Tonya Breeding’s Creative Writing II class are writing along with over 790,000 writers around the world for National Novel Writing Month, creating a novel of their own and reaching a specific word count each day.

“Some are at 5,000 words, some are at 6,000, some are at 10,000 words,” Breeding said.

Breeding said an important part of this process is that the students not worry about grammar and spelling as they write– simply keep writing and let the creative juices flow.

“So that the creativity is the thing that takes over, and that’s a really nice thing, to just explore the writing process,” she said.

“I think it’s cool how we get to write a novel based on whatever we come up with, and just use our imagination to express our creativity,” said 7th grader Caroline Sterling.

And the stories they’re coming up with are all impressively unique. Some are about crime, romance, adventure, mystery, and even fantasy.

“She found out her sister is going to be murdered in three days.”

“My protagonist is in this society where you have a mark on the back of your arm or your neck.”

“This girl….she’s in love with this boy, but he doesn’t love her, he’s in love with her sister…”

Yep. Lotsssss of different story ideas. But also unique is where they get their inspiration.

“If I listen to a song, I almost always have one of my characters and I go that would go with this character, I can imagine that character singing that song,” described 8th grader Allee Lyons.

Breeding hopes they take the techniques they learn during this challenge and use them in other ways across all subjects.

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