12 and 13-year-old entrepreneurs open The Bro Shop in Madison

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MADISON, Ala. – Brothers bonding in business birthed a promising name for themselves. Two kids in Madison are inspiring their neighbors with a business motto that’s helping them “get through it.” Here’s how the brothers are getting their message out to the public.

Twelve-year-old David Faulk and 13-year-old Lamir Whitlow started their Bro Shop in January, but it was during the stay at home order when they say their business dreams developed.

“We had an idea to start our business,” said David. “We saw how successful our dad was being and we thought why don’t we be successful too and have fun with it.”

Brotherly dreams

They say they started small: selling drinks and creating their own designs printed on stickers.

Lamir and David said they hustled to fill the shelves of their shop inside their father’s fitness studio called The Compound.

“Maybe one day we can go to different cities and have pop-up shops and stuff,” said Lamir.

But it’s what is printed on these shirts – “Get Through It” – that’s bringing the boys more attention.

“You have to remember you can get through it,” said David. “Whatever it takes to get through it is inside of you.”

Brotherly love

Get through difficult times. Get through quarantine. And get through the nationwide struggle to achieve racial justice.

“We feel that what happened to George Floyd is inspiring us to uplift the young and the old in the community,” said David.

Brotherly hope

The brothers have embraced the motto as young Black entrepreneurs.

“We can inspire other young Black people in our community so they know they don’t have to sit down and have a closed mouth. They can open up and express how they feel. And if they want to start their own business they can,” said Lamir.

And it shows. “We’re stronger together more than anything really.”

The brothers said they’re passionate about their business and believe it’s contributing to a lot of good in the world.

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