Madison Square Mall holds first Liquidation Sale

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - When they say everything must go, they really mean everything! Madison Square Mall held their first liquidation sale in the old Dillard's retail space Saturday. "You can pick up a little piece of Huntsville history," says Jackson Grelier, an intern for the mall.

It's no secret the mall has fallen on hard times. There are still a few stores, but for the most part, the mall is empty and shoppers have found other places in town to spend money. It's a far cry from what the place looked like 32 years ago. Madison Square opened with fanfare in 1984. "I remember in the 80s when the mall was built and every Christmas, it was packed full of people. [I have] fond memories of meeting friends and families, just can't imagine it being closed," said William Allen, a customer of the liquidation sale.

Now the City of Huntsville plans to redevelop the entire area, meaning the sales racks themselves are becoming part of the sale. "We've gone into all of these now vacant stores and we're rounding up a lot of things they've left behind and we're selling them back to the public," says Michael Gross, an intern with the mall.

We're talking cash registers, tables, trash cans, decorative plants, clocks, even mannequins! "It's been a pleasant surprise to see people buy these up." says Gross. "In fact, I asked people, they say they have various uses for them."

The mall's parent company hired interns to oversee the sale. They'll be peddling the assortment of items, every Saturday from 10 am until 2 pm. Gross says it will last either until August or when they sell out. " What excited me so much about it is we were going to be given so much freedom on our own, to kind of, to create our own little start up, to say," says Gross.

It's a unique opportunity that provides the interns extraordinary sales experiences, and new life for some hardware that saw time pass it by.

If you'd like to contact the interns about different items they have for sale, you can email them at

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