Madison residents concerned over lack of noise ordinance enforcement


MADISON, Ala – Several Madison residents approached the city council Monday night over repeated noise issues near the Pebble Brook neighborhood.

Residents say a nearby Chick-Fil-A has an alarm that continues to wake neighbors up as early as 3:00am.

The issue has been ongoing without resolve for months.

After several calls to police and local representatives, the residents felt they were forced to take their issues straight to the city council and Mayor Paul Finley.

“All of these discussions have just lead to more conversation and nothing being done to resolve the issues,” said one resident.

Another resident said,”We have done everything and now we are here to plead to you. We want to get some rest just like you want to get some rest. It’s gone on for three months, we want this taken care of.”

The residents also mentioned waste disposal trucks working at very inconvenient hours.

Mayor Finley told the residence he would take care of the issues. He claimed he had no clue of the ongoing problem because he had not heard from the residents.

“It may be the first time your hearing of it, but it’s not the first time the people underneath you have heard,” said one resident.

“It is on my radar. I’ve asked for 3rd shift and 1st shift to do a patrol frequent in that area,” said Chief Dave Jernigan of the Madison Police Department as he addressed the mayor.

The Madison County Commission officially passed a noise ordinance for the county in October, and the noise ordinance began December 1, 2019.

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