Madison principal kisses pig after school raises $15,000 for playground update

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MADISON, Ala. – The best educators are the ones who go the extra mile, but that doesn’t always mean studying and tests. A lot of it has to do with motivation, and what could be better motivation than sliming your teacher?

Rainbow Elementary School Principal Brian Givens shared a video publicizing the goal set before the students alongside the pig he would have to kiss if the students met the goal.

The students at Rainbow Elementary School in Madison raised $15,000 for a playground update, and the faculty kept their promises by letting the student’s silly string and slime them.

The main attraction was Principal Givens kissing a pig.

“Our fundraiser was centered around playground enhancements. The ultimate goal, if we met our school-wide goal, I had to kiss a pig,” said Givens. “Uh, I did kiss the pig three quick times, because I thought I was gonna be bitten. On a scale of one to ten, uh it’s probably an eight! You know, I’d give it an eight.”

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