Madison middle schooler runs inclusive mask business


MADISON, Ala. – We’ve seen people step up all over north Alabama, sewing masks to try and meet the need during the pandemic.

The start of the pandemic, was also the start of entrepreneurship for 12-year-old Tabytha Hartland.

“It started out as just me and my friends, and one of my friends was painting her nails with markers, and we thought why don’t we make a business?” said Hartland.

Tabytha was the one that stuck with the business and so grew ‘Glittify Beauty’.

“The thing about my masks is it just feels good on your ears and also it’s stretchable like a regular mask would be,” she said.

She makes cotton masks and accessories like ear savers and headbands, to help those who need to wear them for long periods of time be comfortable.

“We do have lip reading masks for people who are hearing impaired,” said Hartland.

As well as making them comfortable, she said it was just as important to make them inclusive.

Andrew Hartland, her father, said they sew about three hours a day in their household, and it’s usually quiet and down to business.

“It makes me feel great knowing that Tabytha has the wherewithal to start her own business and actually actuate her business to what’s going on right now,” he said.

Hartland learned how to sew from her mom, and after realizing how much she liked it, saw it as an opportunity.

“We saw that everybody needed masks and we needed masks as well, and I kept liking making masks so we bought a bunch of materials,” she said.

There are lots of things to think about when you run a business, but sometimes it’s the small things that keep you motivated.

“The other day I got my own business cards and I was like yes,” she said as she explained that she fancied making her own money.

You can find Tabytha’s products on her website Glittify Beauty.

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