Madison man holds self defense workshop to give teachers a fighting chance in the event of an emergency situation

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MADISON Ala. -- School safety is on the minds of many right now. A Madison man is holding a training session that he says will give teachers a fighting chance. Dustan Carroll is a sifu, or a teacher, of Wing Chun kung fu in Owen's Cross Roads. He is also a seventh-grade social studies teacher.

"I have kids that are telling me that they want to be in my room if something bad was to happen," Carroll said. "That kind of bothered me in that I want them to feel safe wherever they're at. And I want every teacher to feel safe and have some tools."

He is passing along those tools in a defensive tactics workshop for teachers. The class will be held Saturday, March 3 at Owens Cross Roads United Methodist Church. Teachers will learn how to protect their classroom, defend their door and keep themselves and their students safe. The training is for teachers of all ages and fitness levels.

"They're amazed at how simple it is to disarm somebody, to take a knife away. But of course it takes practice," said Phillip Johnson, a martial arts teacher.

They didn't want to show all of the skills the teachers will learn on camera, saying they want the element of surprise on their side. But one thing they can say is if the teachers feel safer, their students will too.

"They'll be in a position where they're gonna be confident," Johnson said. "And they're gonna teach their students to be confident, and to do the right thing so that they can survive."

Carroll said he's doing this because he doesn't want his students or his own children to go to school in fear.

"My son is the battalion commander at Madison County High School, for the Junior ROTC program."

He said he knows not all teachers will agree with the training, but after the Florida school shooting he had to do something.

"The three cadets that gave up their lives to save others, you know, it brought it home," Carroll said. "So, I'm going to do everything I can to protect them."

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