Madison Hospital Offers Tours Before Opening

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People flooded the lobby of Madison Hospital, eager to take a look around.

The crowd got a chance to peek into several different wings, including Labor and Delivery and even a few operating rooms.

The wings won’t be open for public viewing again, so it was a rare treat for many.

Guests expressed satisfaction both with the look of the hospital as well as its fulfillment of a need in Madison.

Hospital President Mary Lynne Wright says the big premier of the hospital helps pay back workers for their diligence in preparing the hospital.

She explains, “It’s absolutely thrilling.  We’ve been working on this facility for over ten years now.  It’s been under construction for about two.  And we are just happy that it’s here, and as of Tuesday morning at seven a.m. we will be officially open.”

She adds not all the hospital’s wings will be open immediately.  Some will phase in over time.