Madison family loses everything in Colorado fire after moving to the state


MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – With more than 580 homes burned in Colorado, the Marshall fire that raged through Superior is now being called the most destructive in the state’s history.

One Madison family recently moved to Superior and lost everything in the fire. But the North Alabama community stepped up to help them out.

As flames engulfed houses nearby, the Spindle family had to find a way out of their own home. With just a backpack full of keys and wallets, Tim Spindle kicked out a window to get his family to safety.

“We tried to go out the front door and embers were coming in and [the] smoke,” Shayla Spindle recalled.

Crawling under barbed wire, jumping over fences and getting snagged – the family was fighting to make it to the main road where there was a parking lot.

Tom Spindle- “At a certain point when we looked back we saw the fire in the field,” Tom Spindle said. “[It was] a ways from us, but the same field we were running in. We made it to the trailhead up by the road and then the wind was blowing us into the road, so we were literally leaning to not fall.”

During the fire, winds were reported to have reached over 100 miles an hour.

The family said after they made it to the top, they needed to take a moment.

“We just sat there on the sidewalk for a minute, you know, trying to gather ourselves,” Tom said. “You could see smoke everywhere and behind us, still coming this way, and a couple of trucks pulled over.”

The Spindle’s say two angels took them to safety – Shayla’s sister and brother-in-law.

Once word got out that their home was destroyed, a gofundme was set up for the family with a goal of $40,000. That goal was quickly met thanks to the help of their North Alabama friends.

Shayla says while they’ve been blessed through the whole ordeal, they ask their Alabama community members to also help those who may not have been as fortunate.

“They have given us a great place to land while we’re in transition here,” she said. “And there are some who don’t have that. I would like for people to look to them to see how they can help.”

The Spindles say don’t wait to tell people how much you love and care about them – you’ll never know what tomorrow will bring.

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