Madison County State Legislative Delegation To Hold Public Forum

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Alabama legislators know what they want to address in the upcoming session, but next week lawmakers from Madison County want to hear from you.

The forum will provide lawmakers a chance to interact with their constituents and hear what they want to see done in Montgomery.

According to Representative Mike Ball, some of the issues on constituents minds play right into their 2013 legislative agenda.

“They’re concerned about some of the Federal ideas about firearms, and citizens do want the state government to do all they can to protect that right.” said Ball.

Aside from hearing what issues are on minds of the voters, Ball says each year the forum gives him and other lawmakers a chance to learn something new.

“Most legislators are a little bit familiar with a lot of things. And often people come to these forums who know a lot about the issue that they`re particularly concerned about. So it`s a nice learning experience for us,” said Ball.

The forum starts at 7 p.m. at the Huntsville City Council Chambers. Sign up to address the lawmakers starts at 6:30. Each person will get 3 minutes to speak.


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