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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Roland Campos, a 10-year veteran investigator with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office was arrested Friday and charged with two counts of first-degree sexual abuse involving a juvenile, the sheriff’s office  said at a Monday morning press conference.

Campos’ arrest followed a complaint made to the sheriff’s office Friday afternoon, spokesman Lt. Brian Chaffin said Monday morning. The investigation began after the call, and the Huntsville Police Department and the National Children’s Advocacy Center were brought into the case, Chaffin said.

After the investigation began, Campos resigned around 6:20 p.m., Friday, and was arrested about an hour later, Chaffin said.

He declined to provide details about the crime, saying it was the Huntsville Police Department’s case.

Huntsville Police Department spokesman Lt. Stacy Bates confirmed the police department is handling the investigation.

“I can say that it is alleged to have happened back in February and the victim was a juvenile,” Bates said. ” That’s all we can release.  At this point it is in the court system.”

Chaffin said Campos worked primarily on “white-collar crimes” and another investigator who shared in that work would take over his cases. Sheriff’s office officials did not say if they were concerned that any cases could be compromised by the arrest of a lead investigator.

Chaffin said Campos’s arrest was shocking to members of the sheriff’s office.

“Of course, any time you have an employee that is involved in any criminal activity, it’s shocking,” he said. “Not only is it shocking, it’s painful. We had a meeting this morning, you could see it on everybody’s faces, like, ‘Man, this is what happened.’

“So, it’s never a good thing, when one of your own ends up in jail. But of course, there again, we have to do our jobs.”

His mugshot and charges were not listed on the Madison County Jail website as of noon Saturday, even though WHNT News 19 had learned through sources that he was arrested Friday evening.

The sheriff’s office oversees the jail. They blame the slow upload on a technical glitch.

The mugshot and charges did appear on the jail website after 3 p.m.,  Saturday. It notes that Campos bonded out of the jail just after noon on Saturday. It puts his booking time at 7:47 Friday night.

Campos’ son, also named Roland, was sentenced to a life term in prison without parole in July 2014 following a conviction for sexual abuse of a 5-year-old.

The investigator’s brother, Russell Leland Campos, was also charged in a child sex case in 2011. But three years later, prosecutors asked that the charges be dropped, telling the court the victim was too traumatized to testify. The judge ordered the charges dropped in October 2014.