Madison County schools to wait on naming Massey’s replacement

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Superintendent Matt Massey stepped down on Monday evening. So far, school board members say they don’t know who’ll replace him.

Massey was making $153,000 a year plus incentives with Madison County schools, and he had three years left on his contract.

It’s unknown yet how much he’ll make as president of the soon-to-be Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering. Right now on paper, he’s the first big hire for the school, but Massey said after the meeting he embraces the challenge.

Massey made his resignation effective at the end of the day on July 14, which leaves him just under two weeks on the job. The news wasn’t a shock for the board, but on Monday evening, it was official.

“My first day is not until July 15th, so I can’t even hire anybody until then,” Massey said.

Massey will spend the next year hiring and planning the curriculum for the new tech school, which will begin classes next fall at UAH.

“There’s no school like the new cyber school of technology and engineering. Nobody else has done this,” Massey said.

At Monday’s meeting, Massey received plenty of well-wishes and a playful warning about recruiting future staffers from the district.

“I know you’ll do great things there. We wish you well,” school board member Mary Louise Stowe said.

“You definitely have the ability to come up with ideas that are inventive,” school board member Angie Bates said.

Kids in Madison County head back to class on August 7. But board president Dave Weiss says, for now, they’ll hold off on naming Massey’s replacement.

“We have up to 180 days with an interim superintendent. I don’t anticipate that,” Weiss said.

The next person in line behind Massey is deputy superintendent Mark Minskey. He was out of town for Monday’s meeting.

The board says they’ll vote on a replacement for Massey at next week’s meeting, but they can take up to six months to list and hire for the position.

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