Madison County Schools reopening plan allows for fluidity among schools


MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — While the state school board is still discussing options for the upcoming school year, school districts across the Tennessee Valley have started releasing their plans. One of the most recent is Madison County Schools.

In the Madison County School System’s reopening plan, three instructional options are included: traditional, remote, and Madison County Virtual Academy.

The deadline for parents to choose an instructional option has been extended until July 24.

The plan also includes preventative measures based on three tiers.

‘There’s minimal spread level one, there’s moderate spread level two, there’s substantial spread level three. That is what our plan defines,” said Tim Hall, the director of public relations for Madison County Schools.

Hall says the decision to move between the three tiers will ultimately be up to Superintendent Allen Perkins, who will be checking the COVID-19 numbers and statistics each and every day, but he adds that Perkins will be consulting the school board as well.

“He will make the final decision to say we are at minimal, we are going to moderate or if it’s really bad in the period of a few days, we may go from minimal to substantial, which means at that time and point, we will temporarily close all our schools,” said Hall.

Within the plan, Hall says there’s room to move tiers in one single school.

“It may be that the district overall is at level one minimal, but then one school, maybe they have a bad outbreak in their area of COVID… Our plan allows our school system to continue functioning over here, while one feeder pattern or school or class has to be closed temporarily and go to virtual learning.”

Alabama Speaker of the House Mac McCutcheon, whose district includes some of the Madison County School System, said it is important for the state to pay attention to the plans within different school systems.

“There is a lot of good discussions going on around school districts in the state on the local level and I am encouraging Dr. Mackey and the state school officials to listen,” said Rep. McCutcheon.

Parents and guardians throughout the district have the choice to enroll their students in whatever instructional option they choose.

The level of safety measure, or tier, will also determine if students will have to wear face coverings in the classrooms, if there will be field trips, and how meals will be served.

You can read the entire reopening plan as presented by Superintendent Allen Perkins here. There is also an FAQ list here.

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