Madison County School System launches new busing plan for Keel Mountain students

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GURLEY, Ala. – Monday, the Madison County School System introduced a new busing system for students who live on Keel Mountain.

Major rainfall in North Alabama brought on major flooding to Keel Mountain Road and Blowing Cave road causing the roads to crack and shift.

They ultimately closed after they were deemed too dangerous to travel.

Amy Mason, Principal of Madison County Elementary School, said conditions were so bad last week that some students were excused from Wednesday through Friday.

The new plan picks Keel Mountain students up at Cedar Point Church of Christ.

“We just really wanted to ensure that as many of our students were able to return to school as possible. We knew that cutting that driving time down for parents would be accommodating,” said Mason. “We were able to find a safe loading area that had a large enough parking lot where the bus could turn around safely.”

Madison County Schools issued gas cards to families that live on Keel Mountain for travel to the new bus stop.

Mason said there were no hiccups in the new plan.

“They were early to school this morning. So the satellite stop worked out well, they were actually back to the school about 10 minutes early,” explained Mason. “So, we may be adjusting our pick up times in the morning. We just wanted to make sure we allotted ample time to get kids here for breakfast.”

She said parents are adjusting well.

“I know that this is an inconvenience for them. It`s a little change in their routine. But just the way everyone has pulled together its been encouraging to see,” added Mason.  “Honestly it’s great for our kids to see adults pulling together to solve problems. Those are the kinds of children we want to raise and produce as adults going out and being productive citizens in the future.”

The school system said this will be daily practice until construction is complete.

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