Madison County School Board members consider plans to transition to new leadership

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) –  After months of campaigning and a land-slide victory, winner of the Madison County Superintendent’s race, Matt Massey, says he’s taking a few days off.

“We’re gonna take a day or two, sit back, relax and take it all in,” said Massey, as he dismantled a campaign sign.

While he’s recuperating now, it won’t be long before Massey and school district leaders will begging the transition to a new leadership.

Superintendent David Copeland has remained silent, but Massey expects they will soon sit down to discuss the impending changes.

“That will happen,” said Massey. “We have to talk about this process, this transition. He wants what’s best for our system too.”

It is unclear if Massey will return to his role as a math teacher at Buckhorn.  If not he might find a place at the Central Office until he officially is named Superintendent in January 2015.

“I think there are several positions we could place Mr. Massey in, in order to allow him to begin to transition into the role of Superintendent and give him a knowledge base to move forward,” said board member Angie Bates.

For now it’s just an idea. The board can only approve actions proposed by Copeland.

“At this point he has not discussed any of those options that he has on his mind,” said Bates.

An AP Math teacher, Bates is confident in Massey’s knowledge of the inner workings of schools and the classroom.

However, throughout the campaign, Massey was criticized for a lack of formal administrative experience.

 Bates believes giving him time in the Central Office would bring him up to speed on the administrative aspects of leading a school district.

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