HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — May 1st through 7th is National Small Business week. On Tuesday, Mayors of Huntsville and Madison, Tommy Battle and Paul Finley, proclaimed Madison County’s participation.

Many people believe that small businesses are the heart and soul of any city.

News 19 reached out to the owners of two small businesses in Huntsville, to learn more about what it is like to follow their passion.

Warren Cain, Co-Owner of Brass & Iron Tattoo, said he has several favorite parts of his job. “Well, I mean it’s always nice to be your own boss,” he joked. Cain said he and his business partner officially opened Brass & Iron in February of 2020, right as the pandemic was kicking off.

“It was kind of scary, honestly,” he said of the venture.

The shop has already grown in it’s two years of operation, and it Cain said he’s excited to see how that growth continues.

“In five years, I see us being a shop full of professionals, you know a shop full of people you can rely on,” he said.

Cain said Huntsville is a great community for new and small businesses.

“In a city like Huntsville that is growing so fast, even though it’s big and keeps getting bigger, it seems like it’s retained a small town sensibility in some ways.”

Cain added, “To be part of something like that, to preserve that kind of thing, I think is very important.”

Michelle Novosel is the Co-Owner of Pizzelle’s Confections located in Lowe Mill. Novosel and his business partner, her sister, have grown the business for the last nine years.

She said their business stands out from the crowd. “We’re one of a kind here, there’s not any other chocolate shops, you know, in the area.”

She said one of her favorite parts of her job is interacting with customers. Now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, she’s enjoyed that interaction again.

“I’m glad to see people happy and smiling and laughing and enjoying just (being) back into our shop now,” Novosel said.

Novosel echoed Cain’s sentiment on the community aspect of owning a small business in Huntsville. “The community here is so amazing, you know everybody has just gotten on board with the local, helping local, you know helping each other out,” she said.