Madison county noise ordinance draft nears completion

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Madison County Residents are still waiting for their noise ordinance to be drafted nearly a year after a vote passed last that being "too loud" in Madison County will be a Class C Misdemeanor.

County Commissioner Phil Vandiver says the process to draft a noise ordinance has been long and complicated but they are almost ready to present the ordinance to the public.

"Regulating noise is not the simplest thing in the world," said Vandiver.

Madison County Commissioner Phil Vandiver says three commissioners, along with the county's administrator and attorney are working out the details.

"We started working on it right after the first of the year and I never imagined it would take this long to get to where we are today," said Vandiver.

He says they ran into countless scenarios and issues when trying to draft the ordinance.

"It's very hard to regulate noise. What is noise? And at what level do you, how do you do it? Do you let a sheriff's department employee make a decision that the noise level is too high?" said Vandiver.

Vandiver says because the ordinance will make the offense of being too loud a Class C misdemeanor they had to be specific in guidelines.

"Alright, then we looked at a decibel level. Well, what decidable level do you need to go at?

There have been numerous complaints that brought the issue to the forefront over the years, a major one is the Huntsville Drag Strip.

"You have the barking dogs, you have all the other things that you have to consider. We've worked with Huntsville Drag Strip on this to make sure that what we do doesn't hurt them but there's also some things that they will be doing to help us out too," said Vandiver.

Vandiver says he understands why people are frustrated about how long it takes but the commission has been working hard to get the draft right.

The commission plans to present the draft to the public at the County Commission meeting on Wednesday, October 2. Vandiver says they also plan to put the draft online and they welcome public input before they make the ordinance final.

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