Madison County Jail to digitally deliver inmate mail


MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – The Madison County Jail is implementing a new mail system that will transform the way inmates get their mail.

All mail, with the exception of books and magazines, coming into the Madison County Jail will be digitized starting Thursday.

These digital deliveries will then be available to inmates through a kiosk in the housing area.

“When that digital format is provided to an inmate, we know there’s nothing on that that will contaminate anyone in our jail,” said Madison County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Brent Patterson.

The sheriff’s office said the digitized system will help protect both inmates and staff from the COVID-19 spread, as well as deter those sending contraband.

“People are using newer ideas and trying to be discrete about bringing items into our facility and sometimes even with our eye, its hard to find,” Patterson said.

Attorney Mark McDaniel is confident jail staff will obey the laws of Attorney-Client Privilege and avoid opening an inmate’s privileged mail; but, even so, McDaniel says he always tells his clients and fellow attorneys one thing:

“Don’t send something in the mail to your client that you don’t want anybody in the world to know about, and don’t have your client write you letters back,” McDaniel said. “There’s nothing private about being in jail.”

McDaniel said crucial information is meant for in-person meetings only.

He said if certain inmates get access to insider information about other inmates, they could use it against them.

“It’s not kumbaya, it’s not a daycare center down there. It’s a tough place,” McDaniel said.

Patterson agrees that this extra step to digitize mail is needed for the safety of both the inmates and jail staff.