Madison County is getting two new storm shelters

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – The threat of severe weather is no stranger to people living in the Tennessee Valley, and to stay ahead of any disruptive conditions, the Madison County Commission approved two new storm shelters for people in the area.

District 1 will be building at the Meridianville Volunteer Fire Department and District 4 will be building at the Bobo Volunteer Fire Department.

Chairman Dale Strong says this is just another effort to save lives in Madison County.

“There are some people in Madison County, in these different cities that don’t have places to go. The most dangerous place to be is a mobile home. So this is an opportunity for those who might not have the same opportunity as others,” says Strong.

The total project of the two shelters will cost approximately $231,000. $196,000 is being paid by a grant from FEMA.

“It’s not the federal government’s money, it’s not the state’s money, it’s not the county’s money. It’s the taxpayer’s money. And what these commissioners are doing is fighting to bring their dollars back to put into projects that will save people’s lives,” says Strong.

Strong says this has been an 18-month process. “It takes a long process of filling out a lot of paperwork.”

He said he hopes the shelters are built before the community needs them. “You’ve got to prepare today for a tornado. You can’t wait until an hour before a tornado warning is issued.”

The two community shelters will be administered by the volunteer fire departments.

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