Madison County granted $5.2M in federal emergency relief funds


MADISON COUNTY, Ala.- Madison County is getting $5.2 million dollars in emergency rental and utility assistance for residents.

The money is part of the $25 billion Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program that came with the COVID-19 stimulus package.

Madison County Commissioner, Violet Edwards sought these federal dollars on behalf of the entirety of Madison County and its residents.

“It is needed from both the renters and the landlords. You know some people have lost their jobs and their sick about not being able to pay their bills and then you have landlords who depend on that money coming in from those rental properties,” says Violet Edwards.

Edwards says when the funds became available, it was a no brainer to apply for the people of Madison County.

“Offering direct assistance to citizens is new territory for Madison County, but during these unprecedented times, we have to be willing to do what we can to bring relief to our community. We will continue to work with local non-profits to assist as many people as this money will allow,” says Edwards.

Commissioner Edwards also serves with the North Alabama Coalition for the Homeless, and taking action for people is part of her second nature.

“This was about knowing that the money was there and taking the time to go after it and that is my background one that’s that’s what I do and so when I said the money is available if they’re going to give it to anybody why not Madison County,” says Edwards.

Edwards says her office plans to work with the nonprofit community, local attorneys, and departments of madison county governement to ensure the money is allocated correctly.

“Just to make sure that he gets in the hands of the landlord and he’s in the hands of utility company so we won’t be doing this alone,” says Edwards.

Edwards asks people to be patient as they work to find the best process to get the money to those in need.

“We have to do this right this is a lot of money and we cannot afford to get it wrong so we can’t rush it out as quickly I’m sure is a lot of people want to do it but it is coming and I feel like we’ll be able to pull it together in a timely manner,” says Edwards.

There is not a specific application or link to apply for assistance at this time. Commissioner Edwards assures saying as soon as the process is in place, it will be made public.

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