Madison County Considering Costly Special Election In Effort To Save Money

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Many lawmakers believe counties could benefit by having one office do everything two offices do now when it comes to handling money. Madison County Chairman Dale Strong favors consolidating the tax collector’s and tax assessor’s office. First, a decision must be made about what to do and that will cost you money.

Madison County has two offices affecting people’s wallets. One is the Tax Assessor’s. It is the keeper of records. It places value on property. The other is the Tax Collector’s. It gets your money.

“I believe a more efficient government is essential. A leaner government is essential,” said Strong.

Strong thinks combining the offices will get both. Governor Robert Bentley wouldn’t mind seeing the same type of consolidation in every county. He signed into law permission for counties to let voters decide

Madison County leaders are considering holding a special election this fall. The estimated cost of the special election is $300,000.

“I’ll promise you this right here. If you streamline this, to make the employees where they are better able to meet the needs of people, I bet that right there will pay for it,” added Strong.

District Six Commissioner Bob Harrison isn’t thrilled the county will pick up the bill. He’s also not excited to see the option on the ballot so soon.

“Why are we doing it is such an expedited way,” asked Harrison.

Harrison wants a little breathing room to gather more information on the effectiveness of consolidation.

“Justify it. Put it in the hands of the people where it should be and let that dictate the direction we are going,” added Harrison.

Commissioners are considering the second week of September for that special election.

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