Madison County Commissioners Spar Over Spending

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In an otherwise droll meeting, Commissioner Roger Jones did take a minute to call out the commission for failing to fund road maintenance properly.

He says we have to get ahead of the costs, because it’s cheaper to maintain thoroughfares than it is to replace them, should they crack.

Jones says road maintenance costs continue to climb since he started on the commission, “We could repave about thirty miles per year. Nowadays, we could repave less than twenty miles per year.  With over 500 miles of roads, it means I can repave every road in about twenty years.  They last about ten years.”

After the crowd left, Jones didn’t mince words on where the money should come from, “In my opinion this commission has spent money on what I call fluff, something that you can’t see.  We’ve got a Cadillac time management system.  We paid for a special election, $320,000, but we have nothing to show for it.  In my opinion, we should have spent this money on roads.”

Commission Chair Dale Strong pushed both of those efforts.

After the meeting, he told WHNT News 19 the time system will save money, and said in order to combine the tax assessor and tax collector offices, we had to have a special election, “We complied with the law of the state of Alabama.  I wish that we had that amount of money back, but this is the way the law is set up.  And we operated within the confines of the law.”

Of course, the people of Madison County voted against the idea.

And Roger Jones still doesn’t have his road money.

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