Madison County Commission Raises Speed Limit In Some Neighborhoods

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Hazel Green homeowners may soon notice faster traffic moving through their neighborhood. The Madison County Commission approved a plan to raise the speed limit in some areas. One is around Charity Lane.

The commissioner getting the most speed limit increases in his district told WHNT NEWS 19 the increases are what residents want. Commissioner Roger Jones says his office got a lot of calls asking for the increases. WHNT NEWS 19 talked with a homeowner who does not like the change.

Thomas Tripaldi lives on Charity Lane. WHNT NEWS 19 caught up with him while he was out cutting the grass. He says even this chore is sometimes dangerous.
"I've been cutting my lawn up there on the ridge. Tractor trailers have come by there so fast that they've just about blown me off my lawn mower," said Tripaldi.

He couldn't believe commissioners are letting the speed limit in his neighborhood go up.

"It's stupid. It should be lowered, if anything," added Tripaldi.
The Madison County Commission voted to raise the speed limit on Charity Lane between Highway 231 and Pulaski pike. The limit goes from 40 miles per hour to 45 miles per hour.

District One Commissioner Roger Jones believes it's a good thing for drivers.

"They'll be able to drive 45 instead of 40. We feel like 45 is a safe speed for that road," said Jones.

Jones says the commission did not want to give drivers a pass to speed, but felt the need to give the majority want they wanted.

"We have had some calls asking that we raise the speed limit to 45 instead of keeping it at 40," added Jones.

Tripaldi has no clue why anyone would want to increase the speed limit on Charity Lane.

"I've seen a lady get killed and cut a telephone pole in half.  I've seen an accident up here where the guy has his trucks parked. I saw someone suddenly swerve and smack into an elderly lady's car. I've seen a number of fender benders," added Tripaldi.

The Madison County Commission also increased the speed limit on Grimwood Road. The new speed limits will go into effect in a couple of weeks.

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