Madison County Commission passes noise ordinance

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — Madison County Commission has officially passed a noise ordinance for the county.

In November, Madison County voters approved a new noise ordinance bumping a noise issue up from a civil matter to a class C misdemeanor. After almost a year, the ordinance has finally passed, 5-1.

County Commissioner Phil Vandiver says because the ordinance will make the offense of being “too loud” a class C misdemeanor, there had to be specific guidelines.

Vandiver says after 11 p.m., noise cannot exceed 75 decibels without being hit with a misdemeanor. That’s about as loud as a vacuum cleaner.

“We compromised today on shooting guns,” said Vandiver. “We wanted to make sure that everybody in Madison County could continue to hunt.” The commissioner says they will abide by state game law.

Another discussion point during the public hearing was fireworks. The commission decided that fireworks will be allowed in the county during holidays. But, there are still some questions.

“If you call in and you make a complaint, how do we handle that at three o clock in the morning?” asks Vandiver. “As the noise ordinance states today, the county administrator will be the one that administrates that. Now, does that give him the authority to say somebody else in the Sheriff’s Department can’t go out and investigate or does that give him the authority to hire somebody to be the noise ordinance person for Madison County?”

That, along with other details, will be worked out within the next month.

The noise ordinance will not be implemented until Dec. 1, 2019.

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