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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — Madison County Commissioner Chairman said Monday he plans to run for Congress.

Strong, a Republican, announced Monday morning that he would seek the House of Representatives District 5 seat currently occupied by Rep. Mo Brooks. Brooks has announced his intention to run for U.S. Senator Richard Shelby’s seat when Shelby retires at the end of his term.

At the announcement Strong was critical of the current Biden administration. He said he has been a supporter of former President Trump since the very beginning.

“I want to finish the work that President Donald Trump began,” he said.

He was first elected to the commission in 1996. He was the first Republican to be elected as chairman in 2012.

“I served on the Madison County Commission for 16 years in the minority and was still able to get a lot of things accomplished. I’ve also served in the majority and I think that’s unique in itself. I’m the first Republican chairman to ever be elected here in Madison County. Ive worked with people from all walks of life. I think that will separate me in the days ahead,” he said.

News 19 asked him how his experience serving Madison County will translate to serving North Alabamians in DC.

“It’s been a regional approach. The success of Madison County is because of North Alabama working together, and so that’s been very positive,” Strong said. “On a more micro note, we’ve made the hard decisions here in Madison County. We’ve got the best bond rating in the history of our county, and I think that will also appeal when we go to Washington, with the $25 trillion debt that’s there, and I think that’s what I bring as a candidate for the United States Congress.”

Since 2012 when he was elected chairman, Strong has raised a total $267,445 in cash contributions and has reported $98,000 in total expenditures, according to the Alabama Secretary of State’s website.

Running for Congress generally requires substantial money to fund a campaign. In 2020 alone, Congressman Mo Brooks reported more than a million dollars cash on hand $223,000 in disbursements.

“It’s always been those 20’s, those 50’s, those 100-dollar people because they believe in the vision that we have for the United States Congress. We’ll do the same thing that we’ve always done, depend on the people to believe in our platform and that’s what’s going to fund this race.

Something interesting to note…If Chairman Strong wins this race someone would be appointed to serve the remainder of his term. If he is not elected to Congress he will still serve as Chairman of the Madison County Commission.