Madison County Commission Chair rescues man from wreck pouring gas

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CULLMAN, Ala. – Madison County Commission Chair Dale Strong rescues a man from a wrecked car pouring gas.

Strong said he was traveling northbound on I-65 when he noticed something on the southbound side.

“It didn’t appear from where I was at, in those quick couple of seconds, that anyone was in the vehicle. But there were no cars stopped,” explained Strong. “I was like ‘ok’ and I said ‘I’m just gonna exit and loop back.’ When I looped back, then I could tell that it appeared this vehicle had turned over and landed back on its wheels.”

Strong said when he got closer, he saw an unconscious man in the driver’s seat. He notified emergency services in the area.

“The door was jammed trying to get him out,” added Strong. “I reached in and I could tell he was not breathing, h didn’t have a pulse and so I had to get him out.

Another driver pulled up to assist Strong with removing the driver from the wreckage.

“There was gas, the vehicle was still running, and there was gas just pouring out of this vehicle. I’m talking several gallons.”

Strong said his quick reaction was nothing but God.

“It was truly one of those days that I feel God’s hands was in it. Thinking nobody would be in the car, changing my route, going back the other direction,” explained Strong. “Pulling up and finding somebody that is pulseless, not breathing, getting them out doing CPR, defibrillating and who would’ve thought it would work. Only time will tell.”

Strong said Cullman Emergency Medical Services responded within minutes of his call for help. But everyone should know CPR just in case.

“It doesn’t take an emergency technician or a paramedic. It takes someone that’s trained in CPR. Understanding compressions, the ventilation of a patient and knowing that advanced life support is on the way. I can tell you Cullman Emergency Medical Services had their A-game there.”

Strong gave his account of the incident on his Facebook page:

Traveling I-65 North today returning from a funeral in Birmingham….I saw a vehicle off the side of the road on I-65 South that just did not look right. No one had stopped and it appeared from a distance no one was in the vehicle. Something just told me to exit, go back, and check things out. I quickly realized the vehicle had flipped and landed back on its wheels in a ditch. The wreck had just occurred and gas was pouring out of the vehicle. Another step or two and I could see an unconscious man in the front seat.

Called 911 to get help rolling while getting my trauma bag. As I opened the drivers door… I reached to check for a pulse. The guy had no pulse and was not breathing. By this time (one) man stopped to help me get him out of the vehicle. Started CPR …within minutes I saw Cullman Emergency Medical Services pulling up. Defibrillated the patient, applied Lucas, started IV, pushed cardiac drugs and boom his heart starts beating, regains his color and we have a pulse. He went back into cardiac arrest and was converted again regaining pulse and a good heart rate.

Thankful to the guy that stopped to help me get this 6’3 guy out so we could attempt to save his life… and Cullman EMS for responding so quickly.

As I pulled into my driveway at home still trying to digest what all had occurred this afternoon I got word that he is still alive.

I can not believe it! I saw God at work today in so many ways at mile marker 306 on Interstate 65.
Joshua 1:9

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