Madison County Boy’s Accused Killer Seeks Youthful Offender Status

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A teenager accused of driving a pick-up truck that struck and killed a six-year-old boy was scheduled to appear before a judge Thursday, but will have to wait a little longer. Kyle David Morgan is now seeking youthful offender status. The Madison County District Attorney’s Office says Morgan killed Matthew Dahl.
WHNT NEWS 19 talked with Dahl’s father about the upcoming hearing.

Matthew Dahl died on May 25, 2011, just one day after his sixth birthday.

“Our lives have been devastated. We can’t sleep. We have trouble eating. We have trouble trying to get out of bed,” said Mike Dahl.

Dahl, the boy’s father, says a vehicle driven by Morgan hit and killed his son as the boy played in his neighborhood. Morgan, 19 years old at the time, is now seeking youthful offender status.

“He’s an adult. He is not a youth. He is over 18. The Supreme Court says over 18 is an adult,” added Dahl.

Youthful offender status caps a sentence at three years and seals a criminal record.

“That’s not right in this case,” added Dahl.

Dahl believes youthful offender status sends the wrong message.

“We’re telling the youth in Alabama they are not responsible for your actions and are not held accountable for anything they do,” added Dahl.

The grieving father has a message for his son’s accused killer and family.

“I don’t want to see them. I don’t want to hear them. I don’t want to deal with them,” added Dahl.

Morgan’s youthful offender status hearing will happen July 26, 2012. WHNT NEWS 19 reached out to Morgan’s lawyer several times for a comment, but never heard back.

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