Madison County Authorities: Make your address visible in case of emergency

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Madison County first responders say they are having trouble finding those that call for their help along some outer lying county roads.

Some homes sit several feet off these county roads making it more difficult for responders to determine your location.

Madison County Sheriff’s Office said one solution is simple.

“We would recommend that you have reflective numbers on your mailboxes, on both sides of them. So whatever direction we approach from, we can see those in our headlights,” explained Lt. Donny Shaw of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

County authorities say it’s extremely important to have your address posted near the edge of the road. Whether that be on a mailbox or a stand-alone sign.

It’s oftentimes difficult for GPS to locate your county address, making it difficult for first responders to find you.

“Sometimes those don’t exactly match, because you’re getting into three layers of technology. The satellite, the GPS itself and our mapping system,” Shaw added.

Not being able to find home costs responders a lot of time and could potentially be the difference between life and death.

On some occasions, cell towers have helped responders locate those in need of assistance.

“We had a person that was sick, close to Sharon Johnson park and once I got close, the dispatcher just not walked me, but drove me,” explained Shaw. “Gave me directions where I drove right to where the victim was and we got HEMSI and county fire in there and saved his life.”

The sheriff’s office says a few stickers could make things a lot easier.

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