Madison City Superintendent Sounds Off on Fundraising Procedures

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — The Madison City Council saw a packed house Monday night. Parents from Madison City Schools gathered to voice concerns about the city’s stance on fund raising in neighborhoods with “no solicitation” signs. Ultimately, the parents hope the city will allow student fund-raising as long as groups get permission from Home Owners Associations. It’s a request the council will take into consideration.

However, one viewer emailed us to ask about the school system’s stance on door- to- door fund raising. That person believed it was against school regulations. Madison City Schools Superintendent Dr. Dee Fowler addressed those concerns with WHNT News 19.  “We do not have a policy that prohibits the door to door sales,” said Fowler.

The Madison City School system does have a procedures handbook. It addresses fundraising activities and it does say that students aren’t allowed to go door to door. However, the procedures are merely a set of guidelines and are not firm policies. The principal has the authority to assess the safety factors and make a decision, along with consulting with Dr. Fowler: that was done in this case.

“It’s strongly recommended in a set of procedures that the system doesn’t do that in K through 6, but in our upper grades, invariably, we see that happen so often,” he said. At the end of the day–the school superintendent has final say over the fundraising efforts of a school.  After conferring with James Clemens administration, he decided it was ok.

“Theband boosters came to me in the summer and made a request, may we do this,” said Fowler. “I researched our policies and there was nothing that prohibited that.”

He did have one main rule, however. “I asked that they wouldn’t send kids out into a subdivision by themselves, that they would be accompanied by an adult.” Madison City Council is reviewing their no solicitation ordinance.  “There’s not a mean spirited person in the bunch and i don’t think they’d write a policy that would prohibit kids from going door to door.”

Madison City Council members say they’re taking all comments into consideration and reviewing the information as to whom the no-solicitation rule will be enforced upon. They hope to have an answer next council meeting.

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