Madison City Schools releases final rezoning plan for elementary schools


MADISON, Ala. – Midtown Elementary School is set to open in Madison for the 2021-2022 school year. The school system has released the final rezoning plan after hearing from the community and is awaiting approval from the MCS Board of Education.

Any rising 5th-grade student may fill out a transfer request to remain at their currently zoned school for their 5th-grade year. Younger siblings will not be approved to stay at the current school and parents will be responsible for transportation.

Madison City Schools said that families who move to a new school zone will have to attend that new school, a waiver will not be approved.

The new Midtown Elementary will start the school year with about 880 students, leaving room for additional growth as more families move to the area.

The rezone is based on all current and new housing developments approved by the City of Madison and the Town of Triana.

Those that have changed schools in the new plan, may attend an open house in August.

Anyone with questions about where a specific residence may be zone is asked to email Those who have other questions or concerns can use the feedback form

Find the detailed rezoning map here.

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