MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — Snuggled in a small office off of Sullivan St., you’ll find Ms. Bonnie Davis.

Davis works for Madison City Schools (MCS) and is known to some as the “historian” of the system.

For 25 years, Davis has held the position as the first and only Nursing Supervisor for MCS since the district was created in 1998-99.

Madison City Schools Nurse Supervisor Bonnie Davis retires after 25 years

This year marked her last year in that role, as she prepares for retirement in June.

“I want to go out with a good attitude and happy to have served this system,” Davis told News 19.

She reflected on the time spent with MCS while looking at a hand-made quilt, made of T-shirts representing each school in the district, which was gifted to her as a retirement gift from her three children – also MCS graduates.

Before working with the district, Davis was a pediatric nurse at Huntsville Hospital but says she always had an interest in education. When MCS opened in 1998, they were in need of a lead nurse. A friend recommended the job to Davis, and the rest is history.

Davis shared how nursing in education has evolved over the years.

“It’s different from any kind of other nursing,” said Davis. “You’re dealing with healthy students and students that have medical conditions but still have to go to school. Your job is to keep them in school and keep them healthy and ready to learn. That’s your job.”

In 25 years, Davis has worked with thousands of students and seen the district grow from six to 11 schools. Davis also led the district through the first case of H1N1 flu in the state of Alabama in 2009 and most recently, the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Madison Elementary Clinic Nurse Becky Tucker, says Davis has gone above and beyond over the years.

“She is most importantly an advocate, not just for the health services team but for our students,” said Tucker. “Without her being able to build a team to be able to do that, we cannot be the support services that Madison City deserves.”

Davis is one of 13 MCS employees retiring this year. The district held a special celebration in May to recognize them for their service and dedication to education.

“I think I’m going to miss the people,” Davis said. “The people here really want the best for students, and they really try. I think Madison City has always strived to do the right thing and not take shortcuts and you see that in people. So that’s the part I’m going to miss the most.”

Nurse Davis’s official retirement date is June 12.