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MADISON, Ala. – Parents in Madison say more than 100 girls at Liberty Middle School have been pulled from the classroom this year for dress code violations.

Mothers brought their concerns to the Madison City School Board meeting Monday night and the board responded by saying they will look into the issue.

Madison City School Board President Tim Holtcamp says he received emails from parents but was unaware of widespread dress coding at Liberty Middle School before Monday’s school board meeting.

“Hundreds of girls being called out. Stood in front of their classes physically measured and examined in front of their peers. To determine if their clothing is appropriate,” says Madison City School parent Justen Alexander.

Parents who have preteen girls in Madison City Schools told News 19 their daughters had their clothing measured before their peers last week at school, something they said is inappropriate and embarrassing.
Now, several Madison mothers want the school board to review the dress code.

“While the code of conduct dress code doesn’t actually address leggings let alone ban them or say anything about shirts being worn with leggings needing to be fingertip length, this is a rule that schools are enforcing… Possibly under, quote clothes should not display immodesty, unduly attract attention or cause disruption end quote,” said Madison City School parent Rachel Schrandt.

Holtcamp says prior to serving on the school board he was on the district’s policy committee.

“I know it’s probably been at least a decade since we’ve looked into the dress code… and so it is certainly time to take a look at that,” says Holtcamp.

Holtcamp says the school board appreciates parents coming forward with concerns and believe in making the dress code equitable for everyone in the educational environment.