MADISON, Ala (WHNT) — In a vote of 4-2 against, the opening of medical marijuana dispensaries in Madison City will not move forward.

While both Huntsville and Athens have moved forward with the plans, Madison will not.

At Monday’s city council meeting there was much discussion about the installation of medical marijuana facilities and what it means for the community.

There was plenty of public input in favor and against.

From the council members, the biggest areas of concern were the ability to regulate it, the potential effects on policing in terms of traffic and loitering as well as the potential trickle-down effects in the community.

“There are enough areas of access that our residents could seek the help that they need,” Councilwoman Karen Denzine said. “I weigh our police chief’s opinions quite heavily and when is recommending to us to exercise caution, to see how this plays out in surrounding areas, I consider that very heavily.”

Overall, the attitude of the council was that there were too many unknowns to move forward with the project, but they may revisit it in the future.

Several North Alabama cities have voted to approve this kind of ordinance, to allow dispensaries to run there.

The final decision rests in the hands of the State as to where the dispensaries will end up.