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“MacGyver”, a modern remake of the 1980s television series, is premiering this Friday, September 23, on WHNT News 19 at 7 p.m.!

We recently had the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes of “MacGyver” and meet some of the actors, talk with stunt directors and costume designers, and learn a bit about what to expect in the upcoming premiere.

Lucas Till plays Mac, a 20-something year old who creates a secret division of the U.S. government, fighting crime and saving lives.

The cast told WHNT News 19’s Christine Mitchell that the reimagining of MacGyver is all about balancing old and new with a healthy dose of action.

“It’s MacGyver for 2016, so it’s all the above, really,” said Jeff Wolfe, MacGyver’s stunt coordinator. “The things that we’ve done so far—we’ve jumped off of helicopters onto the backs of trucks, we’ve repelled onto moving trains, we’ve crashed cars, we’ve crashed boats, I mean and we’re five episodes in. SO we’ll see what comes.”

George Eads plays a new character in the storyline—Mac’s right hand man, Jack Dalton.

“The MacGyver character stands the test of time, and we’re just re-imagining something that’s already a great concept.”

And yes—today’s MacGyver still has an extraordinary knack for problem solving with unconventional, and sometimes very random, items.

“It’s everything from a cellphone, to a roll of duct tape, to a paperclip, and he uses those items to then disarm the bomb, or stop the train,” said Kate Guanci, one of the show’s propmakers.

“Macgyver still uses his swiss army knife for everything,” said Tristin Mays, who plays Riley Davis in the series.

We hope you’re as excited as we are. Now, go MacGyver something!