Louisiana 9-year-old breaking weightlifting records


MINDEN, La. (CNN) — A 9-year-old in Louisiana can lift 230 pounds, and he’s setting records!

Tate Fegley decided to start working out and lifting weights about 18 months ago. Since then, he’s broken seven records in his weight class, three in a single day. Now he’s one of the strongest third graders in the U.S.

Tate can bench press 92-pounds, squat 190-pounds, and deadlift 230-pounds. He says he never set out with a goal of breaking records.

“I just loved watching them work out and lifting the weights,” he said.

“He works ridiculously hard. and it’s very motivating to see. And I think that’s 99 percent of his progress, is how hard this young man works,” said Tate’s trainer, Peyton Grey.

And Tate’s parents have offered reassurance along the way.

“It was never about can we break records. He started the process. He got better and all we did was encourage him,” said Brint Fagley.

Tate is heading to Florida this summer in hopes of winning a national championship.

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