We haven’t talked much about the tropics in 2022. We’ve only had three named tropical storms as of August 1. That will change in a hurry this month. Historically we get multiple tropical storms in the month of August along with our fair share of hurricanes. We can go from nothing to several storms in just a few weeks. We’ve had three so far. Danielle is next.

Where Will the Next System Form?

The formation zones for August are the Gulf of Mexico, central Atlantic Ocean, off eastern seaboard, and the east Atlantic. Waves off Africa really get going by late August in September. African dust dominates that area now and that decreases the risk of tropical storm formation.

The peak of hurricane season is September 10. You can see how the activity in the Atlantic basin increases significantly in the month of August into September. Stay tuned as things could get active in the Tropical Atlantic in a hurry!