Local women spread kindness through unique DoorDash trend


MADISON, Ala. – After months of separation and isolation, many are feeling a little lonely.
But, women across the country and here in North Alabama are finding a creative way to show we’re all in this together.

Normally, getting left in the dust is a bad thing, however, these days are anything but normal – and the Wine Fairies of North Alabama are ‘dusting’ women across their communities.

One of the founders of Wine Fairies of North Alabama, Heather White says, “The reason why we started this group during this pandemic was to get women out of their comfort zone, you know everyone was stuck in their house.”

The goal of this group is all about spreading love, compassion, and kindness through gift baskets. It is meant to be – although not required – a no-contact, ding-dong ditch style of gift giving.

The group is divided into units based on where the women live. They post their address, a little information about things they like, then another fairy in the group creates a gift basket and leaves it at their door.

“You can personalize the basket or just make random baskets that have nothing to do with their interests, but just something sweet to give to them,” says White.

It’s a random act of kindness that has caught on across the country. In North Alabama, members have been dropping off baskets since early May.

The group is private and specifically for women 21 and older.

“This is people that want to spread joy and spread cheer during this weird time and it is just like a big fun women’s group, there is no men allowed so it’s just cool we get to talk about stuff and be girls and stay connected and supportive during this weird time,” says White.

Because while a little pixie dust might help “Tink” fly, it’s friendship that holds us up.

Any woman 21 and older is invited to join the group. There is no fee to join but you will need to answer a few questions before you are accepted.

Want to join? Here is the link to the Facebook group.

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