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MADISON, Ala. — A local Eagle Scout candidate and his fellow scouts spent Saturday morning restoring an historic cemetery in Madison.

About a quarter mile north and slightly east of the intersection of Hughes Road and Brownsferry Road is where the remains of Old Gooch Cemetery are found.

“Before we even showed up here this was basically full of trash, it was overgrown,” said Eagle Scout candidate Ian McIntosh. “But doing stuff like this can help preserve history in certain areas and such, so people won’t be forgotten.”

The Gooch Family was one of the first families that aided in the expansion of Madison.

McIntosh, an Eagle Scout candidate, chose to follow his brother’s footsteps and with the help of fellow scouts, restored the remaining tombstones.

“This was a pioneer family that came in back in the 1800s and to settle this area,” McIntosh said. “The first person buried here was Roland Gooch and he actually was the first legal land owner in Madison.”

McIntosh says the most important thing about this project is to safeguard the history of Madison – and those who shaped it into what it is today.

“I mean just actually doing the work is really cool, just knowing these people won’t be forgotten,” McIntosh continued.

While it’s exciting to see the expansion and growth of the city, McIntosh says it’s important to remember its origins and where we came from.

McIntosh says he would like to continue doing this and hopes that other scouts will follow his lead.