Local salesman says above-ground storm shelters are a viable option


MADISON, Ala. – Emergency experts recommend setting up a safety plan and knowing how you’ll get to the nearest storm shelter. For people thinking about investing in a shelter for their homes, underground shelters aren’t the only option.

New technology has made above-ground safe spaces a viable option. WHNT News 19 spoke with one salesman who made his case for above-ground shelters.

Salespeople at Valley Storm Shelters in Huntsville say there are big differences in above-ground shelters and those installed below-ground.  They say above ground shelters don’t carry some of the risks of an in-ground shelter.

“A lot of older elderly people think that in-ground is the only way to be safe and that’s not true.” Storm Valley Shelters sales manager Derrick Owens says that’s his biggest complaint.

But there are issues with in-ground storm shelters. Condensation could build up and cause mold and mildew and don’t count on getting a cellular connection from inside an in-ground shelter.

Right now, Valley Storm Shelters is not accepting orders for in-ground shelters. It sells in-ground and above-ground shelters. There is now a waiting list for in-ground shelter construction.

The National Weather Service says if the entrance to your storm cellar is outside, you should allow plenty of time to get to the shelter before the storm arrives. Don’t wait until the storm is on you.

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