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MADISON, Ala. — Amid recent sexual misconduct allegations surrounding U.S Senate Candidate Roy Moore, his wife Kayla shared a letter on her Facebook page indicating support for Roy Moore from more than 50 Alabama pastors.  However, the letter is a copy of the same letter posted before the August 15th primary, scrubbed of the first three paragraphs. You can find that original letter here.

Madison Baptist Church Pastor Mike Allison is listed amongst the 50. He said it wasn’t a joint decision among all of the pastors to support Moore, instead he did it through the campaign website about three months ago, before the recent allegations surfaced.

“It said if you support Judge Moore, and would like to endorse Judge Moore, then send it in and I did. That’s how I responded,” said Pastor Allison.

He says his mind hasn’t changed. Allison is still supporting Moore, and doesn’t think he should step down from the race. “He’s been a fighter all of his life. He’s fought, it has cost him politically at times, but he’s been one of those very few politicians that you know if he says this is where he stands, he’ll stand there and fight,” Pastor Allison explained.

As for whether he thinks the other pastors on the list should keep supporting Moore, he says, “Well that’s up to them. Every person has to go by his own conscience, and I trust him. Until he says that he did it, I’m going to believe him.”

But, if the allegations prove true, Pastor Allison says,”Well that would be another matter, yes.”