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MOULTON, Ala. – A fake mug shot posted by the Moulton city police department has garnered a lot of social media attention.

“I was very surprised. I think we are up to 6,000 shares,” said Officer Russell Graham.

Russell Graham is a Moulton City Police officer.

On Tuesday, he posted this photo along with other mug shots on the police department’s Facebook page.

“It just looked humorous to me, there were several that I went through and I said there’s our guy,” explained Officer Graham.

Graham wrote on the photo’s caption that “Barry Larry Terry” was arrested on charges of unlawful possession of a wild raccoon and no headlamp on bicycle.

“I can’t tell you where it came from I was just like I was just like ‘That looks like a Barry Larry Terry.'”

Graham says the other mug shots he posted were real, but this one was just a joke.

But what’s not entirely satire about the post, “There’s actually a law possession of wild animals. I don’t think it specifically says wild raccoon, but I just added that in there and here we are.”

Graham says the post was intended humanize the badge. He says he’s seen other law enforcement Facebook pages do similar posts.

“Across the world law enforcement officers are seen in a bad light. They’re seen as robots so to speak, supposed to be serious. We were trying to project a little humor, and hopefully build a little rapport with the citizens that come across the page,” Graham explained.

The photo has been taken off the Facebook page, but the viral idea isn’t going away so easily.

A Facebook user-created a page called “Free Barry Larry Terry” that is bringing voice to the convict and his furry friend.

One of the posts on the new page says “Can somebody come down here to the city jail. Put $5 on a my books and brang me some smokes.”

Reddit users also found the mug shot, and Mr. Terry is catching a lot of attention there.

The department recently posted that they now have more likes than the city’s population.