Local Islamic Center leaders answer questions surrounding Quran, encourage more conversation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Forty-four people died in an Istanbul airport in May. Forty-nine died in an Orlando Club in June. Then, 167 human lives were taken in Baghdad. ISIS supporters claimed responsibility for each of these deadly attacks. The last of the attacks happened as Muslims celebrated the end of Ramadan, their holy month.

This week, Muslims at the Huntsville Islamic Center remind their community that they share in the heartache we all feel from the terrorist organization.

"We all belong to God Almighty," Outreach Coordinator Aladin Beshir said.

Beshir is an open book when it comes to Islam.

"Believing in the hereafter, believing in all the prophets in books, all the way from Adam to Muhammad, peace be with him, including Jesus," Beshir said. "One of the things that most of the people don't know about: there is a whole chapter in the Quran named Miriam describing the birth of Jesus."

Beshir explained that there are many stories he knows of his own faith, that Christian believers tell so often.

"She took Jesus, peace be upon Him, to the village," Beshir said. "We know the rest of the story."

But ISIS attacks, like the one in Baghdad, ignite fear in us all.

"Muslims killing Muslims for no reason at all because of this ideology that some people have decided to commit themselves to, which is Isis, which really has nothing to do with Islam," President Nauman Qureshi said.

"People who don't know about religion are the most vulnerable to be mislead using religion," Beshir added. "The teaching of the Quran, if you kill one soul, it's as if you killed whole humanity and if you saved one soul, you saved all of humanity."

As Muslims, they know the parts that people question, like Verse 8:12, which states in part, "place terror in their heart." Muslims just know the stories differently.

"If you look at the verse before it, there was a war, there was fighting, there was already aggression and there was a treaty, they broke the treaty," Beshir explained.

Worry is not welcome at the Huntsville Islamic Center. That is why Muslims bow in the name of God and keep their eyes on what they know is true.

"That's what terrorists want, they want us to fear and despair so they can take control," Beshir said.

Beshir said the door is always open at the Huntsville Islamic Center located at 1645 Sparkman Drive Northwest.

"Ask the question, no matter how hard it is to ask: 'Do you guys believe in terrorism? Do you guys believe in cats? Do you guys worship cats?'" Beshir said.

Beshir said coexistence starts with a conversation.

"Pray and take actions to make sure that the recruiting stop, that this message of hate stop," Beshir said.

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