Local Humane Society praises first rescue dog in the White House


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The Biden administration made history with Kamala Harris as vice president. But there’s another historic first in the administration as well.

Major Biden, President Joe Biden’s rescue dog, is the first rescue pet to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Humane societies and organizations are praising President Biden for his choice to adopt. The Greater Huntsville Humane Society say this is more beneficial than one may realize. Lane Clemons with the Humane Society says he’s thankful that the country will see a shelter dog on the White House lawn.

“Major Biden being the first rescue dog in the White House, I think that just sends a message to the rest of the country, that you know, shelter dogs are special and they can go anywhere,” Clemons said.

Back in 2018, Major was adopted from the Delaware Humane Association. Patrick Carroll with the DHA says a presidential pet is a way to connect with the country.

“Not only a shelter dog, but a dog itself in the White House is something that pet owners can identify with, right?” Carroll said. “Whether you know, regardless of your socioeconomic situation, your political affiliation, your race or ethnicity, you know, dogs and cats are something that people can, they get, they can connect with.”

Clemons said that this isn’t only a testimony to the character of the president, but it’s a glimmer of hope for all shelters throughout the country.

“Biden recognizes that it’s a problem and that two and a half million pets are euthanized each year in animal shelters and sees the potential that they have,” he said.

If you want to follow the example of President Biden, the GHHS is booking appointments for you to safely view pets during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re not looking to adopt and would like to help out, the Humane Society does also have volunteer and donation opportunities.

Major is the first rescue pet to be living in the White House. Linden B. Johnson was gifted his dog Yuki, by his daughter, which she found.

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