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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Veterans Day is still a few weeks away, but a few organizations chose Saturday to honor some of America’s first veterans.

Five local chapters of different Revolutionary War descendant groups held special gravestone unveilings for three former soldiers who fought in the War of Independence before settling in Madison County in their latter years.

One of those veterans, Jacob Caulk, served under Gen. George Washington at Valley Forge, Penn., before later fighting under the command of Daniel Morgan, whom Morgan County is named after.

“It’s just wonderful to find out that you have family lineage who actually did that,” said Kathryn Stutts Vernor, one of Caulk’s descendants. “And when you think about what they went through at Valley Forge or any of these battles without supplies, without equipment in winter and all kinds of elements, it’s just astounding what they endured and passed on that legacy to us.”

The other two veterans – Moses Poor and Samuel Davis – received their own ceremony as well inside Mount Paran Cemetery, the oldest in Madison County.