Local family gives back to the community to honor father’s legacy


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The Brookins family continues to honor the legacy of their father by continuously giving back to the community.

Sgt. First Class Walter Lee Brookins was a respected man not only in the community but also at the SPAN organization.

SPAN, also known as Special Programming for Achievement Network, is an organizations that, “earnestly seeks to help troubled youth achieve success and become productive adults through education, counseling, and positive influences within their own communities.”

If you would like to learn more about SPAN, click here .

Wa’lisa Brookins-McCarter says before her fathers passing he was devoted to the SPAN mission, “He was a dedicated teacher, who cared about the kids there, he would help them financially out of his own pocket,” McCarter adds even after his passing he is still talked about and widely respected.

So, McCarter and her mother, who are owners of WW Smoken on the Go, opened in 2000 by her father was a way to bring the community together with good food and social events. This year, McCarter and her mother decided to put together a Back to School Block Party.

Vendors from all over the Tennessee valley were there, even some as far as Atlanta came together to showcase their goods and give back to a great cause.

McCarter says they chose to give back to the SPAN organization to help them with school supplies and other things needed throughout the school year.

“Teachers are literally going into their own pockets, to pay for the things for these students and that’s unfortunate,” said McCarter. “So we decided to adopt them and pull this event off. We asked for school supplies and donations, but the main thing is not to just stop today but reach out to them throughout the whole entire year, because they’re going to need these things throughout the year.”

With the pandemic causing struggles, she says, “We must rely on each other in our communities, it really does take a village and we’re here to help whoever we can.’

The event had everything from a mobile arcade, to food and entertainment. If you stopped by and would like to continue shopping with some of the vendors, click here.

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