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HAZEL GREEN, Ala. – As April showers bring May flowers and warmer temperatures, local exterminators say they’ll also bring pests.

One business busy with home visits this month is Arrow Exterminators, which recently merged with Valley Pest Control of Hazel Green.

Service Center Manager Ryan Burtis says recent downpours combined with clogged gutters and pool covers can play host smaller bugs especially.

“Right now it really depends on the area that you live in, but we’re getting a lot of calls on mosquitoes, termites,” Burtis said. “Right now it’s termite swarm season…and then obviously ants are getting in, scavenging for food. So we’re getting a lot of those as well.”

Burtis said home or business owners should make sure bushes around buildings stay at least 12 inches from the brick, and also to remove any leaves and standing water.

They say to consider not having powerful lights on all night that attract insects closer to doors and windows.