Local emergency status granted to speed up Keel Mountain Road improvements

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GURLEY, Ala. – The Madison County Commission approved a resolution Wednesday to speed up the emergency repairs needed to Keel Mountain Road in Gurley.

Commissioner Craig Hill said the resolution for emergency status will aid in moving up the timeline. Hill says the county is getting bids and numbers from contractors and they hope it’s something they can work with so they can start the process of repairing.

“With that in place, we are allowed to omit some of the bid laws that are required to go through and do that repair. We can go through the process of entering into an agreement with a contractor and that will allow them to go ahead and get to work. The timeline will be shortened because it is an emergency,” says Hill.

The repairs on Keel Mountain Road are expected be to completed in May. In the meantime, crews are working overtime to get Blowing Cave Road reopened. Hill says the delay in paving is because of the recent rain and cold.

Hill says the asphalt plants have actually been closed due to recent cold temperatures and they are hoping to reopen mid-day Thursday to get repaving of Blowing Cave underway.

“Looking at the weather, it’s probably the beginning of next week,” says Hill.

Hill says they are trying to be proactive in the Keel Mountain Road situation, even working overtime many days in the past week.

“It’s a frustrating situation for everyone. But we know if we do what we can and we are good stewards of public funds, then that repair will be made as quickly as possible,” says Hill.

Hill says they are doing everything they can to get both Keel Mountain and Blowing Cave Road repaired quickly.

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