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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Saturday, February 13th House of Hope and Restoration and Pastor Jarmen Leatherwood gave away Gas and Kroger gift cards for the North Huntsville community that is facing hard times during the pandemic.

The event was originally set to start at noon at the Krogers, located at 2110 Oakwood Avenue. However, Pastor Jarmen says cars were lined up at 6 am so they started earlier than they had planned, “Many of them just show appreciation for us even doing it. Many of them said how much it really meant for us to be doing this, being out here in the cold, and that we had them in mind.”

Pastor Leatherwood says,”I had people coming up to me saying I have no gas right now, single mothers telling me how much of a help this is during these times,” he added, “this is what we call Loving Your Neighbor.”

Although it was in the North Huntsville area, Leatherwood says this was for all of Huntsville and whoever is in need.

With the help of donations and partners of the church, they were able to give away $5,000 dollars in fuel and food. Pastor Jarmen says although they had to stop early and turn some community members away, to keep an eye on their Facebook for more community events.

The Huntsville Police Department North Precinct was there to help with traffic flow.