Local businesses are already geared up for mask order in Madison County

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A mask order issued by the Alabama Department of Public Health took effect in Madison County at 5 p.m.

The order sent some businesses scrambling to be ready by Tuesday night, but some had measures in place. Requiring their customers to wear masks is just the next step.

Businesses all over downtown started posting signs Tuesday morning to let everyone know you have to cover up for service.

Seventy-eight-year-old David Wilson takes wearing a mask seriously, even as he finished a five-mile walk downtown.

“Outdoors, if I’m by myself, I won’t have this on,” said Wilson, “but if other people are near me, I certainly will put it on.”

With the new health order in Madison County, for most people, wearing a mask inside a business is no longer optional.

“Because you’re close and because of tight air, it’s best to wear the mask,” said Wilson.

That’s why restaurants downtown, like here at Melt, are serving food and face masks.

“For me, if this is what you think is the best for everybody and it keeps everybody safe then I’m for it,” said Melt Assistant General Manager Jennifer Hurt.

Melt has other ways to keep contact between people down as well. Hurt said Melt took away their paper menus two weeks ago. Instead, customers can scan a QR code with the camera on their phones for a digital menu.

“The less people have to touch, the less they would have to spread any germs,” said Hurt.

But with the new health order, customers must put on their mask when they’re not eating or drinking, and when the server or someone not in your party visits your table. Hurt said that could get a little tricky.

“To avoid all that or to slow it down so there’s not too much of that putting your mask on and off, we’ll have lights on the table saying I need something,” said Hurt.

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