Limestone County barber gives back after severe weather impacts area


ELKMONT, Ala. – Last week’s severe weather sent a shockwave through many communities in North Alabama. First responders and utility linemen in some counties worked around the clock to help those impacted by snow and ice. One local barber is using her skills to say thank you to those who helped them get through the storm.

Marie smith owns Hill Top Barbershop in Elkmont. Usually, her cuts and shaves cost $10 each, but starting on Tuesday, they’re free to first responders and utility linemen.

“I thought this would be a great opportunity to use my skills to be able to give back and to show them their work is not unnoticed,” she said.

First responders like Joshua Carter said it was an honor to get the recognition after working around the clock during the winter storms.

“It makes me proud to not only be a part of Elkmont but also part of the other county departments we get to work with as well,” he said.

As a new mother, Smith was inspired to make the offer via Facebook after seeing the work put in to getting her family’s own power restored after the weather left them without it for days.

“We did not know, we weren’t prepared for this because we don’t have this type of weather. We went to stay with some family, because I have a very young child. We were expecting it to be off for one night, but it was off for 3 days,” she said.

A client of hers was one of the linemen on scene. That’s when she realized those hard at work helping people like her may want a chance to unwind, and she was right.

“I think this is going to be a real good opportunity for us to kind of really take a deep breath and relax just for a little bit, even if it’s just an opportunity to sit down for a couple minutes,” Carter said.

Smith said she’s just happy to be in a line of work that allows her to give back.

“I’m glad that I can use a little bit of what I have to offer for them,” she said.

The thank you cuts and shaves will be offered through March 6th. For more information, click here.

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